Structis expertly adds a layer of fireproofing protection to any structure to increase its ability to withstand high temperatures for longer.

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Structis offers expertly applied fireproofing and fire stopping services to commercial and multifamily homes in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Our professional team can quickly and professionally add a preventative layer of fireproofing material in multifamily or commercial buildings. By coating your construction with this material, it will be able to withstand more heat for longer if an accident ever happens or something malfunctions. With our professional installation, have peace of mind that your project meets code. Click the button below to get a free quote for fireproofing.

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Benefits of Fireproofing

  • Stop a Fire in its Tracks – By using fire stopping measures in a building, it works to prevent the fire from spreading to other locations in your structure.
  • Stand Up to the Heat – Fireproofing a building increases the time that it can spend in the heat and increases the temperatures it’s able to hold up to.
  • Protect Your Assets – If a fire ever does occur, fireproofing ensures that the damage is minimal so it can be repaired easier.
  • Increase Building Value – When buying and selling a building, hearing that it’s fireproofed is music to someone’s ears. People will gladly pay more for a protected structure.
  • More Safety, Lower Premiums – Insurance won’t be nearly as high because the potential risk of damage is a lot lower in a fireproofed home or building.


Fireproofing Applications

Structis takes care of all your fireproofing and firestopping needs with an expert team. Whether you need cementitious spray fireproofing, intumescent fireproofing, or firestopping, our team has you covered. Learn about our different services and click the button to get your free quote today!

Cementitious Fireproofing

Structis offers spray-on cementitious fireproofing services to protect your structure, increase the time that it can hold up in a fire, and withstand higher temperatures, which means less damage control and more peace of mind.

Intumescent Fireproofing

Intumescent fireproofing is painted over your structure by our Structis team to prevent susceptible areas from combusting as quickly if a fire ever occurs. Our professional application ensures that your structure lasts longer and has fewer repairs in an emergency.


By adding fireproof material near entrances, exits, and adjoining walls in a room, Structis can increase the odds that a fire stops where it starts, so it doesn’t cause even more damage. This firestopping method effectively prevents costly damage to the rest of your building.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Fireproofing and Firestopping

If you are new to fireproofing, you may have a few questions on our Structis services. Read about the most common questions below and click to get a free quote for your project when you’re ready.

While both methods help increase fire resistance, there is a slight difference between fireproofing a building and adding firestopping as a preventative measure.

Fireproofing is a method that includes spraying down or painting fire susceptible materials with a fire resistant coating to increase longevity and temperature resistance.

Firestopping is specifically applied to entrances, exits, and walls that are combined with all rooms in a building. This prevents a fire from spreading if it occurs, so damage is minimal by the time the fire is put out.

While a building can never be entirely fireproof, the act of fireproofing and firestopping ensures that the structure holds up against a fire better. Some materials are more susceptible to fire, but applying a fire resistant coating allows the building to put up a stronger defense. That way, it is more resistant against higher temperatures and lasts longer when subjected to flame. With fireproofing materials put in place, the damage is minimal to a building if a fire occurs and there will be fewer repair costs after if it’s caught in time.

Our Structis team can fireproof a building in around 4-5 days for most projects, but it may take a little longer or shorter amount of time depending on how large the project is. After the fireproof coating application, it takes around 2-4 weeks for the material to fully cure.

On one hand, fireproofing and firestopping is an extra expense, but on the other hand, the price is worth it in case a fire emergency ever occurs. By protecting a building with fire resistant material, there will be far less damage and fewer repairs if an emergency transpires. To save on even more expensive costs later on and to protect your building as a whole, fireproofing is always a great investment.

Other than an extra cost that some people don’t deem worth it (your building is absolutely worth the extra money), another disadvantage is that it takes a while to fully cure. However, it typically takes less than a week to complete the project and the curing time is significantly less than the time it would take to repair costly fire damages to a building later on if an emergency does happen.