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At New England Gypsum Floors, a team of professionals completes commercial and multifamily buildings by adding finished floors.

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Our New England Gypsum Floors team consists of experts that cover New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island. With years of experience, our team can finish your building’s floors well and in record time for both new and renovated projects. To enlist our crew to finish off the flooring in your building to increase its value or refresh the look of it, click the button below to get started with a free quote.

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Finished Floor Applications

The best part about New England Gypsum Floors is that there are so many options to pick from, whether you’re going for a luxury feel or something more budget-friendly. Our main flooring types include soft flooring that pairs well with gypsum and cementitious underlayment, including luxury vinyl tile, carpet, laminate, and tile. Read about our different options below and click to get a quote for your project when you’re ready.

Luxury Vinyl

New England Gypsum Floors installs luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), and sheet vinyl flooring. Our team finishes your install faster and easier while getting you competitive pricing.


With so many carpeted options to pick from, New England Gypsum Floors can help you find the exact shade, length, and pattern for your building needs, whether it’s for commercial or multifamily structures.


New England Gypsum Floors has professionals that installs laminate flooring with a wood, tile, or stone appearance in commercial and multifamily buildings.


New England Gypsum Floors is a team of flooring specialists for anything from back splashes to fireplace surrounds and so much more when it comes to tile. Pick your favorite looks and let our team bring your project to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Finished Floors

Years of experience in the flooring industry makes New England Gypsum Floors your top choice for everything from underlayments and up. If you have questions outside of what we answered above, keep reading below to find some answers. When you’re ready, contact us today to get started with a quote for your finished floor project.

For a softer, quieter flooring that works great in commercial offices and multifamily buildings, soft finished floors will always be the ideal option. This combination ensures that sound resistance and a softer footfall are the priorities so comfort is prioritized.

Since sound mats and gypsum or cementitious underlayments are our specialties, soft finished floors are the ideal pairing for maximum sound control and softness underfoot. The full list of possible finished flooring options by our New England Gypsum Floors team include:

  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Luxury vinyl flooring
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Cork flooring
  • And more

Other than simply desiring a switch in your floors, these are signs to look out for when determining whether you should renovate older flooring:

  • Flooring is discolored or carpet is stained
  • Scuff marks, color changes, lots of wearing, etc.
  • Noisy flooring
  • Wood floors have been sanded too many times
  • Water damage
  • Unpleasant odors are apparent
  • Flooring is outdated
  • Allergens are getting worse

Many types of flooring can live up to 100 years when they are taken care of properly. However, different types of flooring have a shorter life and are more prone to wear and tear. Carpet should be replaced every 10 years while wood flooring can usually be sanded and rejuvenated every 15 years or so. Taking care of your floors also has a huge impact in their longevity.