multifamily apartments maxxon structis

Archway Apartments in New Haven, CT

Scope: In this multifamily unit building, we furnished and installed Acousti-Mat® 1/4" Premium Sound Mat throughout floors 3-5, followed by pouring 1" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 on the matted areas.
apartments wellesley structis

Cedar Place Apartments in Wellesley, MA

Scope: We primed and poured 3/4" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily on the 2nd and 3rd floors, ensuring a flat, smooth surface perfect for floor goods. Additionally, on the 1st floor, we primed and poured 1/2" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily.
edgerton performing arts center structis

Edgerton Center for The Performing Arts

Scope: Edgerton Center for The Performing Arts in Fairfield, CT where we successfully completed priming and pouring 1.5" Ardex K-15, showcasing our dedication to precision and superior standards at Structis Hartford.
commercial building maxxon structis

Commercial Building in Berlin, CT

Scope: We furnished and installed 1" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 over 1/4" Acousti-Mat® sound mat on the second-floor of this commercial building.
new haven commercial building structis

Commercial Development in New Haven, CT

Scope: We've completed the furnishing and installation of 1" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily over 1/8" Acousti-Mat® on the second-floor surfaces.
greenwich maxxon structis

Greenwich Animal Hospital

Scope: We've successfully completed priming and pouring Maxxon® Level EZ Self-Leveling Underlayment in key areas like the Dog Kennel Room, Pharmacy/Exam Rooms, Reception and Trench area.
milford multifamily apartments structs

Avalon Kanso Apartments in Milford, MA

Scope: For this multifamily unit, we've supplied and installed a 3/8" Acousti-Mat® sound mat with a high-performance backing, topped with a 1-1/4" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 for interior unit surfaces. For interior corridors, we primed the wood subfloor and poured a 1-1/2" gypsum underlayment topping.
historical corridors apartments maxxon structis

Multifamily Apartments in Hartford, CT

Scope: We completed a project that involved priming and pouring Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 on floors 1-6 in unit areas and non-historical corridors, along with roughly 8600 square feet of amenities area on floors 1 and 2. Additionally, we poured Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily in conduits running under demising. To complete the project, we primed and poured Maxxon® Level EZ polymer-modified topping over roughly 4900 sq ft of area on the 7th floor to provide a smooth and flat surface for finished floor goods.
multifamily apartments structis maxxon

Multifamily Apartments in Southington, CT

Scope: We've primed and poured 1" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® 2000 Multifamily over wood-framed areas, covering approximately 15,000 sqft to create a smooth and level surface for finished flooring.
valley townhomes structis maxxon

Valley Townhomes in New Haven, CT

Scope: We've poured 1" Maxxon® Gyp-Crete® to ensure superior flooring solutions.
Gypcrete Flooring

Mayfield Place

Scope: 304,000 sq. ft. of Gypsum Underlayment poured at a depth of 3/4" over T&G substrate at 2nd level of 34 total buildings.
Gypsum Flooring Project

ESPN North Campus

Scope: 34,000 sq. ft. of Maxxon Underlayment poured at a depth of 1-1/2".
Gypsum Floor Project

Goodwin Hotel

Scope: 70,000 sq. ft. of Dura-Cap poured at a depth of 3/8".